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Welcome to the website of award winning artist Dominique Bivar Segurado.  This website showcases a broad portfolio of work ranging from sculptural pieces, non functional bowls, wall pieces and painting.  You can also view recent and historic commission pieces, residences and current news.


If you are inspired to contact the artist to discuss commissions or to purchase pieces currently for sale please use the contacts page. Dominique Bivar Segurado is supported by the Arts Council of England.  You can visit their site here: www.artscouncil.org.uk . If you have enjoyed the photography on the website a number of pictures are taken by the photographer Dougal Waters.


Japan 2007.  Dominique Bivar Segurado has now returned from a successful and exciting trip to Japan. As a direct result from her visit you can now find Dominique's work in the desirable boutique design store 'In touch' , Tokyo.

Recent Work

Riverside Apartment, Private client commission, 2007. Penghu Painting Series: 2. Natural Layering Dish
Bergh Apton 2005 Natural Brick Natural layering calcium bowl

Autumn Newsletter 09

Catch up on all the news of 2009. /uploads/Autumn09Newsletter.pdf